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Surgical treatment of Morton's neuroma: clinical results after open excision
PurposeLong-term results following surgical treatment of Morton neuroma are rare. The purpose of the present study was to evaluate patients after excision of Morton’s neuroma at least ten yearsExpand
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Transection of the deep metatarsal transverse ligament in Morton’s neuroma surgery does not increase risk of splayfoot development
PurposeAlthough operative excision is regarded as the treatment of choice in Morton’s neuroma, it remains unclear whether transection of deep transverse metatarsal ligament (DTML) is a risk forExpand
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[Evaluating the quality of life before and after implantation of a total hip endoprosthesis].
PURPOSE OF THE STUDY Quality of Life of patients with Total Hip Arthroplasty is analysed before and one year after surgery. The evaluation included the functional capacity of our patients in everyExpand
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A high performance FPGA-GPU-CPU platform for a real-time locating system
A heterogeneous Software Defined Radio (SDR) cluster platform that handles highly demanding processing algorithms in real-time is proposed. The solution based on a combination of FPGA, GPU and CPUExpand
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[Gonarthrosis and empyema in geriatric patients. Combined synovectomy and KTEP implantation procedure].
ISSUE Is a one stage procedures with open synovectomy and implantation of cemented knee endoprostheses in patients with empyemas of the knee and concomitant osteoarthritis suitable to reduceExpand
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Drug regulation--the Canadian approach.
The legislative authority and framework for the regulatory control of drugs in Canada is outlined. The layered approach of the regulatory system is described, including the premarket reviewExpand
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[Surgical treatment of a bunionette].
The term Bunionette or Tailor's Bunion is applied to an abnormal prominence on the lateral aspect of the fifth toe similar to the Hallux valgus of the first ray. Several different operativeExpand
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Fast heterogeneous computing architectures for smart antennas
The usage of locating systems in sports elevates match and training analysis to a new level. By tracking players, balls and other sports equipment during matches or training, the performance ofExpand
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Real-time correlation for locating systems utilizing heterogeneous computing architectures
The usage of locating systems in sports (e.g. soccer) elevates match and training analysis to a new level. By tracking players and balls during matches or training, the performance of players can beExpand
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Evaluating Performance and Energy-Efficiency of a Parallel Signal Correlation Algorithm on Current Multi and Manycore Architectures
Increasing variety and affordability of multi- and many-core embedded architectures can pose both a challenge and opportunity to developers of high performance computing applications. In this paperExpand
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