Maximilian Hoecker

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The present investigation was designed to perform a direct comparison of a rat pancreatic acini bioassay system and a specific CCK radioimmunoassay (antiserum G-160) for the measurement of fasting and meal-stimulated plasma CCK in the presence and absence of the CCK receptor antagonist loxiglumide. The G-160 CCK antiserum is directed against the C-terminal(More)
We describe a web service providing a complete stereoscopic 3D video multi-stream cloud application to serve a potentially very large number of clients over the Internet. The system architecture consists of a stream provider that leverages highly scalable and reliable cloud computing and storage services, with automatic load balancing capability for live(More)
The unsupervised analysis of data-sets, both large in dimension as well as in number of objects, are one of the most challenging tasks in data intense sciences. Especially in astronomy, dedicated survey telescopes generate an enormous amount of complex data. For example the database of the Sloan Digital Sky Survey (SDSS DR10) contains 3 million spectra with(More)
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