Maximilian Hoecker

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We describe a web service providing a complete stereoscopic 3D video multi-stream cloud application to serve a potentially very large number of clients over the Internet. The system architecture consists of a stream provider that leverages highly scalable and reliable cloud computing and storage services, with automatic load balancing capability for live(More)
19 IMZ-implants with a medium age of incorporation of 10.5 months were examined at four sites concerning their periimplantary situation. Gingival index, bleeding on probing, pocket depth and composition of subgingival plaque corresponded in 67% of the examined sites with periodontal health. Favourable correlations were stated between the values of plaque(More)
By way of introduction, there is represented the value of oral health in view of the well-being and physical powers of aged persons. Rfefering to literary findings and own test results, the psychosocial problems which have to be considered in the stomatological attendance of aged citizens are analysed. In this connection, there are defined especially those(More)
The effects of aging on various syndromes of the tongue are discussed by reference to the results of a cross-sectional study of 1002 persons aged 13 to 97, with due consideration being given to data reported in the literature. A significant increase in the frequency of 1. pilosa, wrinkling of the tongue, papillary atrophy, sublingual venectasia, and an(More)
Medical students and students of dentistry was interviewed with regard to their opinions about old people and the value of the studies under the aspect of preparation for the medical care of old patients. From 1.006 students, 238 was random selected. The investigation was carried out with help of a questionnaire, contained 53 parameters. In the majority of(More)