Maximilian Christ

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The all-relevant problem of feature selection is the identification of all strongly and weakly relevant attributes. This problem is especially hard to solve for time series classification and regression in industrial applications such as predictive maintenance or production line optimization, for which each label or regression target is associated with(More)
The 4th industrial revolution entails new levels of data driven value chain organization and management. In industrial environments, the optimization of whole production lines based on machine learning algorithms allow to generate huge business value. Still, one of the open challenges is how to process the collected data as close to the data sources as(More)
The monitoring of real-time objects such as steel billets during their casting process creates myriads of events. Complex Event Processing (CEP) is the technology to analyze resulting event streams as fast as possible. But classic CEP is not able to consider events that did not happen yet. It is not clear how to transform CEP from a technology, which reacts(More)
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