Maximiliaan Martens

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OBJECTIVE How much do the sensory properties of food influence the way people select their food and how much they eat? The objective of this paper is to review results from studies investigating the link between the sensory perception of food and human appetite regulation. CONTENT OF THE REVIEW The influence of palatability on appetite and food intake in(More)
Digital image processing is proving to be of great help in the analysis and documentation of our vast cultural heritage. In this paper, we present a new method for the virtual restoration of digitized paintings with special attention for the Ghent Altarpiece (1432), a large polyptych panel painting of which very few digital reproductions exist. We achieve(More)
  • D M Benham, Windham Subsp Mexicana, D M M Benham, Benham, Windham Subsp Chihua-Huensis, Astrolepis Laevis +5 others
  • 2010
223 Examples of mixed-ploidy species complexes are found in every major lineage of vascular plants, including the lyco-phytes (Kim et al. 2009), ferns (Grusz et al. 2009), gymnosperms (Ickert-Bond and Wojciechowski 2004), monocots (Fortune et al. 2008), and eudicots (Doyle et al. 2004). Polyploidy adds considerable complexity to phylogeny reconstruction in(More)
Objective characterization of jewels in paintings, especially pearls, has been a long lasting challenge for art historians. The way an artist painted pearls reflects his ability to observing nature and his knowledge of contemporary optical theory. Moreover, the painterly execution may also be considered as an individual characteristic useful in(More)
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