Maxime Van Landeghem

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1. This paper describes two novel population patterns in the dentate gyrus of the awake rat, termed type 1 and type 2 dentate spikes (DS1, DS2). Their cellular generation and spatial distribution were examined by simultaneous recording of field potentials and unit activity using multiple-site silicon probes and wire electrode arrays. 2. Dentate spikes were(More)
Tuberomammillary histamine neurons (TM) in the posterior hypothalamus project to extensive parts of the brain, including the hippocampal formation. The purpose of the present experiments was to investigate whether activation of the TM modulates signal transfer from the perforant pathway (PP) or ventral hippocampal commissure (VHC) to the dentate gyrus (DG)(More)
Delivery of therapeutic or diagnostic agents to the brain is majorly hindered by the blood-brain barrier (BBB). Recently, many studies have demonstrated local and transient disruption of the BBB using low power ultrasound sonication combined with intravascular microbubbles. However, BBB opening and closure mechanisms are poorly understood, especially the(More)
This paper describes a shimming approach useful to reduce the gradient strength of the magnetic field generated by single-sided sensors simultaneously maximizing its uniformity along the lateral directions of the magnet. In this way, the thickness of the excited sensitive volume can be increased without compromising the depth resolution of the sensor. By(More)
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