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Convolutional neural networks (CNN) have recently shown outstanding image classification performance in the large-scale visual recognition challenge (ILSVRC2012). The success of CNNs is attributed to their ability to learn rich mid-level image representations as opposed to hand-designed low-level features used in other image classification methods. Learning(More)
Successful methods for visual object recognition typically rely on training datasets containing lots of richly annotated images. Detailed image annotation, e.g. by object bounding boxes, however, is both expensive and often subjective. We describe a weakly supervised convolutional neu-ral network (CNN) for object classification that relies only on(More)
We aim to localize objects in images using image-level supervision only. Previous approaches to this problem mainly focus on discrim-inative object regions and often fail to locate precise object boundaries. We address this problem by introducing two types of context-aware guidance models, additive and contrastive models, that leverage their surrounding(More)
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