Maxime Ogier

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The nurse manager/ward sister role is becoming endangered as many of these nurses are being asked to take fiscal and personnel responsibility for multiple units/programmes and supervise more non-registered nursing staff. Loss of this important nurse manager/ward sister role could severely decrease nursing's voice in the development and implementation of(More)
Evaluating the performances of a Supply Chain is a hard task due to its decentralized structure and when one tries to take into account sustainable development issues. As a first step towards a realistic evaluation tool, in this paper, we provide a two-echelon supply chain model - a manufacturer and a 3PL provider - inspired from Jung, Chen & Jeong(More)
This article shares the author's concern for the future of nurse education especially in relation to student nurses gaining clinical experience. In the light of Project 2000 there are varied and exciting basic nurse education courses being planned and implemented throughout the UK that aim to develop the student nurse into an open, responsive, caring(More)