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Somatic mutations activating telomerase reverse-trancriptase promoter were recently identified in several tumour types. Here we identify frequent similar mutations in human hepatocellular carcinomas (59%), cirrhotic preneoplastic macronodules (25%) and hepatocellular adenomas with malignant transformation in hepatocellular carcinomas (44%). In(More)
Meningiomas are common central nervous system tumors. The World Health Organization (WHO) defines three grades, predictive of the risk of recurrence. These tumors can relapse frequently and sometimes undergo malignant transformation. Maintenance of telomere length is a key process in malignant progression, and mutations in TERT promoter have recently been(More)
OBJECTIVES Determination of bacterial antimicrobial susceptibility is usually performed using phenotypic methods. In this study, we developed a universal 16S rRNA and rpoB quantitative PCR assay for susceptibility testing of bacteria commonly isolated in clinical microbiology laboratories. METHODS Antibiotic susceptibilities for 24 bacterial strains of(More)
OBJECTIVES AND METHODS Whipple's disease is a rare multisystem chronic infection, involving the intestinal tract as well as various other organs. Tropheryma whipplei is a slow-growing facultative intracellular bacterium that remains poorly understood. In vitro antibiotic susceptibility testing has previously been assessed in cells using a real-time(More)
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