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The variety of scalar and vector fields in laboratory and nature plasmas is formed by plasma turbulence. Drift-wave fluctuations, driven by density gradients in magnetized plasmas, are known to relax the density gradient while they can generate flows. On the other hand, the sheared flow in the direction of magnetic fields causes Kelvin-Helmholtz type(More)
A PhD thesis is like a marathon in some sense. More than reaching the finish line, the point is what is learned in the process, from the first training session to the last spark. But, unlike a marathon, which, with enough inner strength, can be achieved without external help, the success of a PhD hinges on the qualities of surrounding people. A few lines in(More)
Turbulence and its structure formation are universal in neutral fluids and in plasmas. Turbulence annihilates global structures but can organize flows and eddies. The mutual-interactions between flow and the eddy give basic insights into the understanding of non-equilibrium and nonlinear interaction by turbulence. In fusion plasma, clarifying structure(More)
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