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Many studies of aging examine biomarkers one at a time, but complex systems theory and network theory suggest that interpretations of individual markers may be context-dependent. Here, we attempted to detect underlying processes governing the levels of many biomarkers simultaneously by applying principal components analysis to 43 common clinical biomarkers(More)
Physiological dysregulation may underlie aging and many chronic diseases, but is challenging to quantify because of the complexity of the underlying systems. Recently, we described a measure of physiological dysregulation, DM, that uses statistical distance to assess the degree to which an individual's biomarker profile is normal versus aberrant. However,(More)
We propose a passive architecture mixing G-PON and VDSL2 technologies. We evaluate a single-user per port FTTdp prototype providing up to 100Mbit/s bidirectional bit rate per customer over 100m from the distribution point.
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