Maxime Dumont

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One of the most important challenges in microbial ecology is to determine the ecological function of dominant microbial populations in their environment. In this paper we propose a generic method coupling fingerprinting and mathematical tools to achieve the functional assigning of bacteria detected in microbial consortia. This approach was tested on a(More)
It has long been recognized that plant species and soil microorganisms. are tightly linked, but understanding how different species vary in their effects on soil is currently limited. In this study, we identified those. plant characteristics (identity, specific functional traits, or resource acquisition strategy) that were the best predictors of(More)
In a previous study, the two nitrifying functions (ammonia oxidizing bacteria (AOB) or nitrite-oxidizing bacteria (NOB)) of a nitrification reactor—operated continuously over 525 days with varying inputs—were assigned using a mathematical modeling approach together with the monitoring of bacterial phylotypes. Based on these theoretical identifications, we(More)
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