Maxime Dumas

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Effective tools are crucial for visualizing large quantities of information. While developing these tools, numerous graph drawing problems emerge. We present solutions for reducing clutter in a radial visual-ization of a bipartite graph representing the alerts generated by an IDS protecting a computer network. Our solutions rely essentially on (i)(More)
We investigate the selection of curves within a 2D visualization by specifying their angle or slope. Such angular selection has applications in parallel coordinates, time series visualizations, spatio-temporal movement data, etc. Our interaction technique specifies a region of interest in the visualization (with a position and diameter), a direction, and an(More)
Intrusion Detection Systems, or IDSs, are network security tools that generate huge quantities of information that are challenging to analyze. Information visualization is essential for efficiently parsing these data to discover the underlying causes of computer security breaches. AlertWheel is a user interface featuring a novel radial overview(More)
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