Maxime Droques

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We demonstrate in an optical fiber that third-order dispersion yields an unexpected symmetry-breaking dynamics of the modulational instability spectrum. It is found in particular that this spectral asymmetry does not smoothly and monotonically increase when approaching the zero-dispersion wavelength. Instead, it exhibits several local extrema and it can(More)
We report the experimental demonstration of a modulation instability (MI) process assisted by a periodic dispersion modulation in an optical fiber. We observe the spontaneous growth of more than 10 pairs of MI sidebands spanning over more than 10 THz thanks to a quasi-phase-matched process.
We investigate the role played by fourth-order dispersion on the modulation instability process in dispersion oscillating fibers. It not only leads to the appearance of instability sidebands in the normal dispersion regime (as in uniform fibers), but also to a new class of large detuned instability peaks that we ascribe to the variation of dispersion. All(More)
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