Maxime Desmarais

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The effect of retinal eccentricity on stimulus identification was investigated by measuring observers' ability to identify digits of various sizes presented briefly at different locations in their visual fields. The stimuli were either presented one at a time or presented in pairs with each member of the pair at a different eccentricity and having a(More)
The small RNA RyhB has recently been shown to negatively regulate a number of mRNAs encoding dispensable iron-using proteins in Escherichia coli. The resulting decrease in the synthesis of iron-using proteins is thought to spare iron in order to ensure its availability for iron-requiring proteins that are indispensable. Indeed, the expression of RyhB from a(More)
Since the discovery of x rays by Roentgen in 1895 we have witnessed great advances in their application to diagnosis and therapy. In the field of therapy the main effort has been directed towards the cure of malignant diseases, but in the literature we find that this agent has also been applied for many years to the treatment of non-malignant conditions.(More)
Recent pathological studies suggest that rheumatoid arthritis may be a disease with widespread involvement of tissues other than the joints. Curtis and Pollard (1940) were the first to describe a nonarticular histological lesion which was common to all cases of rheumatoid arthritis-their cases including four with Felty's syndrome. In every one of 11 cases(More)
Introduction Ankylosing spondylitis is at present a disease of unknown aetiology and many theories have been put forward as to its origin. Buckley (1945) reviewed a-mass of evidence bearing on a possible biochemical mechanism which involves serum phosphatase as a cardinal factor in producing the abnormal ligamentous calcification and the bony changes which(More)