Maxime Colin

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Two groups of cecal cannulated rabbits (postweaned and adult, 6 and 16 wk of age, respectively) were used to compare the circadian variations of the fermentation pattern. Rabbits were kept in metabolism cages under a 12:12 light-dark schedule (0700 to 1900). For each rabbit, a total of 12 samples of cecal material were collected (every 12 h) for six(More)
BACKGROUND In end-stage renal disease (ESRD) patients, hepatitis C virus (HCV) eradication improves patient and graft survival. AIM To determine optimal use of erythropoietin (EPO) and ribavirin, to compare ribavirin concentrations with those of HCV patients having normal renal function and to evaluate sustained virological response (SVR) in a prospective(More)
Ocular fluorophotometry was performed in 24 patients with hypertension due to toxemia of pregnancy and in ten normal subjects. Patients showing features of accelerated hypertension in the fundus (eg, hemorrhage, cotton-wool spots, and disc edema) were excluded from the study. Fluorescein concentrations in the aqueous and posterior vitreous increased(More)
To assess the evolution of the elastic fiber network of the human uterine cervix before, during and after pregnancy, biopsy samples were obtained from 49 women. The high affinity of the polyphenolic compound (+)-catechin for elastin was used to stain the elastic fibers selectively, and enabled automated image analysis. In the human uterine cervix, the(More)
4 In numerical simulations of growing congestus clouds, the maximum upward velocities w 5 typically occur in compact toroidal vortices or thermals. These maxima were tracked, and 6 the momentum budget analyzed within spherical regions centred on them with objectively7 determined radii approximately enclosing the vortex ring or pair. Such regions are(More)
AIM To determine the functional disabilities and overall quality of life of patients operated for advanced (Stages III-IV) or recurrent squamous cell carcinomas (SCCA) after radiation therapy of the (pharyngo)larynx. METHODS From 1984 to 1997, 135 patients were consecutively treated for SCCA of the (pharyngo)larynx. There were 118 men and 17 women with a(More)
Ninety-eight patients suffering from skin and soft tissue infections in the Côte d'Ivoire were treated topically with a new antibiotic, mupirocine, or with placebo in a double-blind study. Patients were allocated at random to receive one or other treatment, applying the ointment, supplied in identical tubes and of similar colour base, to the lesions 3 times(More)