Maxime Cloutier

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Antibacterial coatings are rapidly emerging as a primary component of the global mitigation strategy of bacterial pathogens. Thanks to recent concurrent advances in materials science and biotechnology methodologies, and a growing understanding of environmental microbiology, an extensive variety of options are now available to design surfaces with(More)
Environmental surfaces are increasingly recognized as important sources of transmission of hospital-acquired infections. The use of antibacterial surface coatings may constitute an effective solution to reduce the spread of contamination in healthcare settings, provided that they exhibit sufficient stability and a long-term antibacterial effect. In this(More)
Coatings are known to be one of the more suited strategies to tailor the interface between medical devices and the surrounding cells and tissues once implanted. The development of coatings and the optimization of their adhesion and stability are of major importance. In this work, the influence of plasma etching of the substrate on a plasma fluorocarbon(More)
Incorporation of selected metallic elements into diamond-like carbon (DLC) has emerged as an innovative approach to add unique functional properties to DLC coatings, thus opening up a range of new potential applications in fields as diverse as sensors, tribology, and biomaterials. However, deposition by plasma techniques of metal-containing DLC coatings(More)
Characterization of the topmost surface of biomaterials is crucial to understanding their properties and interactions with the local environment. In this study, the oxide layer microstructure of plasma-modified 316L stainless steel (SS316L) samples was analyzed by a combination of electron backscatter diffraction and electron channeling contrast imaging(More)
Elastin-based polypeptides are a class of smart biopolymers representing an important model in the design of biomaterials. The combination of biomimetic materials with cells that have great plasticity provides a promising strategy for the realization of highly engineered cell-based constructs for regenerative medicine and tissue repair applications. Two(More)
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