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Feature-based Dynamic Pricing
This work considers the problem faced by a firm that receives highly differentiated products in an online fashion and needs to price them in order to sell them to its customer base, and proposes a modification of the prior algorithm where uncertainty sets are replaced by their Lowner-John ellipsoids. Expand
The Impact of Demand Uncertainty on Consumer Subsidies for Green Technology Adoption
It is shown that when policy makers such as governments ignore demand uncertainty when designing consumer subsidies, they can significantly miss the desired adoption target level and also show that the decentralized decisions are also optimal for a central planner managing jointly the supplier and the government. Expand
The Impact of Linear Optimization on Promotion Planning
This paper developed an optimization formulation for the POP that can be used by category managers in a grocery environment that incorporates business rules that are relevant, in practice, and proposes general classes of demand functions including multiplicative and additive that incorporate the post-promotion dip effect. Expand
Big Data and Service Operations
This study discusses how the tremendous volume of available data collected by firms has been transforming the service industry. The focus is primarily on services in the following sectors:Expand
Frustration-Based Promotions: Field Experiments in Ride-Sharing
The service industry has become increasingly competitive. One of the main drivers for increasing profits and market share is service quality. When a consumer encounters a bad experience, or aExpand
The Impact of Demand Uncertainty on Consumer Subsidies for Green Technology Adoption
This paper studies government subsidies for green technology adoption while considering the manufacturing industry’s response. Government subsidies offered directly to consumers impact the supplier’sExpand
Pricing with Limited Knowledge of Demand
It is shown that if the true demand curve is one of many commonly used demand functions, or even a more complex function, and if marginal cost is known and constant, the firm can expect its profit to be close to what it would earn if it knew thetrue demand curve. Expand
Consumer Subsidies with a Strategic Supplier: Commitment vs. Flexibility
aÉcole Centrale Paris, 91190 Paris, France; b Stern School of Business, New York University, New York, New York 10012; cAirbnb, San Francisco, California 94103; dMIT Sloan School of Management,Expand
The Impact of Behavioral and Economic Drivers on Gig Economy Workers
Gig economy firms benefit from labor flexibility by hiring independent self-scheduling workers. This labor flexibility poses a great challenge in planning and committing to a service capacity. In c...
Scheduling Promotion Vehicles to Boost Profits
This work model the problem of scheduling promotion vehicles to maximize profits as a nonlinear bipartite matching-type problem, where promotion vehicles should be assigned to time periods, subject to capacity constraints. Expand