Maxime C. Cohen

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We consider the problem faced by a firm that receives highly differentiated products in an online fashion and needs to price them in order to sell them to its customer base. Products are described by vectors of features and the market value of each product is linear in the values of the features. The firm does not initially know the values of the different(More)
This paper studies government subsidies for green technology adoption while considering the manufacturing industry’s response. Government subsidies offered directly to consumers impact the supplier’s production and pricing decisions. Our analysis expands the current understanding of the price-setting newsvendor model, incorporating the external influence(More)
In many important settings, promotions are a key instrument for driving sales and profits. Examples include promotions in supermarkets among others. The Promotion Optimization Problem (POP) is a challenging problem as the retailer needs to decide which products to promote, what is the depth of price discounts and finally, when to schedule the promotions. We(More)
Mother-infant attachment was studied in 24 mother/impaired infant dyads. The infants, from 12 to 26 months chronological age, manifested primary neurological impairment or undiagnosed delay in gross and fine motor development. Measures of general development and degree of child impairment significantly differentiated "classifiability" of attachment in the(More)
Post-mortem microbiology (PMM) is an important tool in forensic pathology, helping to determine the cause and manner of death, especially in difficult scenarios such as sudden unexpected death (SD). Currently, there is a lack of standardization of PMM sampling throughout Europe. We present recommendations elaborated by a panel of European experts aimed to(More)
This paper considers a traditional problem of resource allocation, scheduling jobs on machines. One such recent application is cloud computing, where jobs arrive in an online fashion with capacity requirements and need to be immediately scheduled on physical machines in data centers. It is often observed that the requested capacities are not fully utilized,(More)
Behavioral medicine has become increasingly important in medical education over the past two decades, but adoption of its principles and methods has been slow. Behavioral medicine stresses the effects of human behavior on health and illness using a biopsychosocial approach. It also focuses on the use of the doctor-patient relationship, which, if developed(More)
<lb>What is the right price to charge your customers? Many retailers and researchers are<lb>facing this question. In the last three decades, tremendous progress was made, both<lb>in the academic and business worlds. In this thesis, we investigate four novel pricing<lb>applications.<lb>In the first part, we study the promotion optimization problem for(More)