Maxim Vsemirnov

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We survey recent algorithms for the propositional satisfiability problem. In particular, we consider algorithms having the best current worst-case upper bounds on their complexity. We also discuss some related issues: a derandomization of the algorithm of Paturi, Pudlák, Saks, and Zane, the Valiant–Vazirani lemma, and random walk algorithms with the " back(More)
The undecidability of the additive theory of primes (with identity) as well as the theory Th(N, +, n → p n), where p n denotes the (n + 1)-th prime, are open questions. As a possible approach, we extend the latter theory by adding some extra function. In this direction we show the undecidability of the existential part of the theory Th(N, +, n → p n , n → r(More)
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