Maxim V. Khmelev

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The article proposes a new method of particle coagulation with the help of ultrasonic vibrating system with the radiator in the form of disk step-variable in thickness. For practical application the design procedure of radiators of step-variable type is described.
The article is devoted to development and design of the carousel-type automated line for ultrasonic welding of the article made of thermoplastic materials. Developed automated line is intended for ultrasonic ring welding of two work pieces of spherical articles from thermoplastic materials.
This paper proposes a new approach to improve the efficiency of coagulation of dispersed particles in liquid. The approach is based on the ultrasonic treatment as a sequence of wave packets (ultrasonic pulses) of finite duration that is less than cycle period. The impact of ultrasonic pulses reduces the maximum cavitation nuclei radius achieved during(More)
This article is devoted to the development and investigation of ultrasonic equipment used for reduction of friction coefficient during the moving of free-flowing and hard filling compounds through tubular members.
In the article the results of the researches on efficiency definition of ultrasonic coagulation of ready nanodispersed product are presente. Developed measuring bench allowed to control changes of concentration of nanoparticles due to their agglomeration at the application of high-intensity ultrasonic vibrations.
This paper is devoted to the development of equipment of industrial applications. The model setup that can provide various types of extinguishing foams in industrial scale. The results measure the distribution of vibration amplitude, sound pressure level of the emitting surface of the disk radiator step-variable form.
Results of researches of influence of acoustical contacts between exchangeable operating tool and electro-acoustical transducer on mechanical and electrical characteristics of oscillatory system are presented in this article. Measured amplitude-frequency and phase-frequency dependence of oscillatory system with various types of operating tools are shown.(More)
The article describes necessary regeneration of cutting emulsion at the enterprises of metallurgical and machine-building branches. Ultrasonic installation for the regeneration of the cutting emulsion that has passed successful tests in industrial conditions is developed and designed.
The article demonstrates the results of the experiments aimed at determining the possibility to destruct fine (3 &#x00B5;m and less) industrial mists by acoustic vibrations of ultrasonic frequency. The experiments aimed at destruction of industrial mists were carried out in the aerosol chamber with the volume of 1.25 m<sup>3</sup>. The piezoelectric(More)