Maxim Schwartz

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— We present a look-ahead based trajectory planning algorithm for computation of dynamically feasible trajec-tories for Unmanned Sea Surface Vehicles (USSV) operating in high seas states. The algorithm combines A* based heuristic search and locally bounded optimal planning under motion uncertainty using a variation of the minimax game-tree search. This(More)
In this paper, we discuss the development of Virtual Training Studio (VTS), a virtual environment-based training system that allows training supervisors to create training instructions and allows trainees to learn assembly operations in a virtual environment. Our system is mainly focused on the cognitive side of training so that trainees can learn to(More)
A survey of the virtual environments-based assembly training applications. Abstract The advent of virtual environments is presenting new ways of training tomorrow's workforce. Virtual environments offer numerous benefits in training applications. First, virtual environments allow extensive user interactions in a very convenient and natural manner. This(More)
Often generating training instructions for virtual environments is a long and tedious process. In this paper, we discuss the development of a virtual environment (VE) instruction generating tool called Virtual Author which is the main component of the Virtual Training Studio (VTS). VTS is a virtual environment-based training system that provides instructors(More)
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