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Loss of the flight ability and wing reduction has been reported for many taxa of Coleoptera. If elytra are closed, their roots are clenched between the tergum and the pleuron, forces applied to the elytra can not be transmitted to the field of campaniform sensilla situated on the root. That is why it is plausible to assume that the field becomes redundant(More)
The population genetic structure of white-spotted char Salvelinus leucomaenis (family Salmonidae) was determined based on variations in ten microsatellite DNA loci in samples from different parts of the species range in the Russian Far East. In a number of samples, variations in 21 allozyme loci were examined, of which five loci were found to be(More)
Pond smelt Hypomesus olidus (Pallas, 1814), one of the five species of the genus Hypomesus, family Osmeridae, was examined for intraspecific variation of the mitochondrial DNA cytb (1062 bp) and COI (567 bp) genes. Among the ten single substitutions discovered, only one, leading to the substitution of isoleucine by valine, was nonsynonymous, while the(More)
Discrete-event and analytical simulation are two widely used approaches to simulating telecommunication networks. But the growth in size and complexity of modern networks increases the need for hybrid simulation models. Discrete-event simulation of very large networks can last days. On the other hand, assumptions and approximations of analytical models(More)
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