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In this study, we presented sentences either ending with high or low probability cloze words or semantically incongruent words to investigate the influence of L2 proficiency on electrophysiological correlates of semantic processing in bilinguals. Event-related potentials (ERPs) as well as the oscillatory dynamics of the EEG signal, specifically, frequency(More)
This study was undertaken to verify whether different output variables or biosignals, measured during performance of a cognitive task, manifest common dynamical properties. Nonlinear properties of both response times (RTs) and electroercephalograms (EEG) were tested. We asked subjects to generate mental images of actions following of auditorily presentation(More)
The disease was established on a poultry dressing combine, affecting birds at the age of three to eleven weeks. It ran its course with clinical symptoms and epizootiology that were characteristic of it. A total of 8778 birds or 10% succumbed to the disease. Its notification on a newly built poultry dressing combine made it reasonable to believe that(More)
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