Maxim Goldman

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A computer-assisted method is developed for analyzing volume and time components of individual breaths using a previously developed magnetometer method for recording anteroposterior (AP) diameters of rib cage and abdomen. Calibration constants for the magnetometer system are computed during simultaneous measurements of airflow at the mouth for several(More)
Recent studies have described microleakage under full crowns cemented with several different cements. This study tested three different types of crown margin preparations--a chamfer, a shoulder, and a shoulder plus a bevel to determine whether or not the margin preparation could affect microleakage. All crowns were cemented with zinc phosphate cement. The(More)
The tensile strengths for post lengths of 4 and 7 mm were compared in vitro with 3 different cementing media. In one group, the post preparation was rinsed with 5.25% NaOCl and in the other with 17% EDTA followed by 5.25% NaOCl. The EDTA-NaOCl flush had a profound effect when unfilled resin was used to cement the posts. A 4 mm post cemented with resin in(More)
To compare the ability of three methods of preparing root canals to provide a properly shaped canal, silicone models were used. The canals of extracted teeth were prepared and filled with a silicone impression material. The teeth were dissolved, and the remaining models were studied and photographed. The hand instrument group and the SET angle were equal.(More)
Post preparations in two groups of endodontically treated anterior teeth were completed. In Group I, the preparation was rinsed with 2 ml of 5.25% NaOCL. In Group II, the preparation was rinsed with 1 ml of 17% EDTA, followed by 1 ml of 5.25% NaOCl. A plastic post was fitted and cemented with an unfilled resin. After polymerization, the teeth were(More)
OBJECTIVES Nanothechnology found to be increasingly implemented in implantology sphere over the recent years and it shows encouraging effect in this field. The aim of present review is to compare, based on the recent evidence, the influence of various nanostructure surface modifications of titanium for implants, on osteoblasts proliferation. MATERIAL AND(More)
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