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The analysis of Big Data needs to be performed on a range of data stores, both traditional and modern, on data sources that are heterogeneous in their schemas and formats, and on a diversity of query engines. The users that need to perform such data analysis may have several roles, like, business analysts, engineers, end-users etc. Therefore Big Data(More)
Big Data may reside on multiple and dispersed sources and adhere to a variety of formats. Their analysis may include a range of tasks to be executed on a range of query engines. The tasks, as a whole, represent the rationale of a specific process. The users that create such a process may have various roles, like, business analysts, engineers, end-users etc.(More)
This review describes the main factors affecting the in vitro development of mouse ovarian follicles under conditions of three-dimensional alginate hydrogel system. The factors discussed include concentration of alginate hydrogel, presence of additives (collagen, fibrin) influencing substrate rigidity; culture conditions; composition of culture media;(More)
Big data analytics have become a necessity to businesses worldwide. The complexity of the tasks they execute is ever increasing due to the surge in data and task heterogene-ity. Current analytics platforms, while successful in harnessing multiple aspects of this " data deluge " , bind their efficacy to a single data and compute model and often depend on(More)
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