Maxim Dolgushev

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We study the dynamics of general treelike networks, which are semiflexible due to restrictions on the orientations of their bonds. For this we extend the generalized Gaussian structure model, in which the dynamics obeys Langevin equations coupled through a dynamical matrix. We succeed in formulating analytically this matrix for arbitrary treelike networks(More)
One of the most crucial domains of interdisciplinary research is the relationship between the dynamics and structural characteristics. In this paper, we introduce a family of small-world networks, parameterized through a variable d controlling the scale of graph completeness or of network clustering. We study the Laplacian eigenvalues of these networks,(More)
We study the orientational properties of labeled segments in semiflexible dendrimers making use of the viscoelastic approach of Dolgushev and Blumen [J. Chem. Phys. 131, 044905 (2009)]. We focus on the segmental orientational autocorrelation functions (ACFs), which are fundamental for the frequency-dependent spin-lattice relaxation times T1(ω). We show that(More)
We study the transport efficiency of excitations on complex quantum networks with loops. For this we consider sequentially growing networks with different topologies of the sequential subgraphs. This can lead either to a universal complete breakdown of transport for complete-graph-like sequential subgraphs or to optimal transport for ringlike sequential(More)
One of the fundamental issues in polymer physics is to reveal the relation between the structures of macromolecules and their various properties. In this report, we study the dynamical properties of a family of deterministically growing semiflexible treelike polymer networks, which are built in an iterative method. From the analysis of the corresponding(More)
Semiflexible polymer rings whose bonds obey both angular and dihedral restrictions [M. Dolgushev and A. Blumen, J. Chem. Phys. 138, 204902 (2013)], are treated under exact closure constraints. This allows us to obtain semianalytic results for their dynamics, based on sets of Langevin equations. The dihedral restrictions clearly manifest themselves in the(More)
Scale-free networks are structures, whose nodes have degree distributions that follow a power law. Here we focus on the dynamics of semiflexible scale-free polymer networks. The semiflexibility is modeled in the framework of [M. Dolgushev and A. Blumen, J. Chem. Phys. 131, 044905 (2009)], which allows for tree-like networks with arbitrary architectures to(More)
We consider single-particle quantum transport on parametrized complex networks. Based on general arguments regarding the spectrum of the corresponding Hamiltonian, we derive bounds for a measure of the global transport efficiency defined by the time-averaged return probability. For treelike networks, we show analytically that a transition from efficient to(More)
The internally functionalized dendrimers are novel polymers that differ from conventional dendrimers by having additional functional units which do not branch out further. We investigate the dynamics of these structures with the inclusion of local semiflexibility and analyze their eigenmodes. The functionalized units clearly manifest themselves leading to a(More)
We study the dynamics of semiflexible dendritic polymers following the method of Dolgushev and Blumen [J. Chem. Phys. 131, 044905 (2009)]. The scheme allows to formulate in analytical form the corresponding Langevin equations. We determine the eigenvalues by first block-diagonalizing the problem, which allows to treat even very large dendritic objects. A(More)