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The paper describes an application of indexing—the technology currently widely used for processing and comparing textual information—to multi-dimensional entities of knowledge domains. We propose a model for building a frame-based ontology, which contains a domain conceptual model as well as a controlled vocabulary of " base terms " used for indexing.(More)
E-government is a new form of interaction between the governmental and administrative bodies, as well as with organizations and citizens. Its further development is related to initiative of the society members in promoting their ideas and projects, which may be placed on dedicated e-government Internet portals or with respective commercial services. In our(More)
In a transition to information society, a development of new methods of education, including e-learning, is emphasized, and equal access of all groups of society to information technologies is advocated. The number of elder people is growing rapidly all over the world, and for many countries they have been identified as a social group making only marginal(More)