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User adaptive systems in the context of pervasive computing can only unveil their power if based on a generic middleware managing private data and context information in combination with flexible device access and control. However, managing those data poses severe privacy problems both legally and from a trust perspective. Therefore we propose a home(More)
In rats with severe depletion of striatal dopamine, produced by a unilateral injection of 6-hydroxydopamine into the substantia nigra, amphetamine (2 mg/kg) induces circling towards the side of the lesion and apomorphine (0.25 mg/kg) induces circling in the opposite direction. In Experiment 1 we showed that under apomorphine, circling may be related to an(More)
The neuroblastoma line SK-N-SH-SY5Y (SY5Y) is a thrice subcloned nearly diploid clonal line of human origin. When grown in 15% fetal calf serum in Ham's F-12 medium as herein described, SY5Y has neuroblast-like properties in its undifferentiated state. Treatment with nerve growth factor results in morphological and physiological differentiation not unlike(More)
The study examines whether in rats with unilateral 6-hydroxydopamine (6-OHDA) lesions of the substantia nigra, the direction of amphetamine- and apomorphine-induced rotations is determined by a bias to step more frequently with one hindleg. Results show that there is a strong asymmetry in usage of hindlegs under apomorphine but a weak one under amphetamine.(More)
User adaptive systems, as envisioned with Ambient Intelligence (AmI), can only unveil their power, if rich information of users – including private data as their preferences and abilities as well as their usage context – can be retrieved and evaluated. However, collecting and storing this data poses severe privacy problems both legally and from a trust(More)
Currently, middleware for smart home networks with embedded and mobile devices are in the focus of several investigations. In this paper, we propose a middleware for secure management of device and user profiles by integrating a profile database with a generic authentication scheme for an X.509 enabled ticket management in the context of the OSGi framework.(More)
Bei den Ver suchen m i t d e n L-Ephedr in u n d L-c~-PhenylXthyla m i n en tha l t e l iden H a r z e n kolii i te n u t e in seh r geri l iger T renne f f ek t b e o b a c h t e t werdeli . A u c h hier wurdel i zue rs t l inksu n d d a n a c h r e c h t s d r e h e n d e ]?'raktionen erha l ten . Die gemessene D r e h u n g war a b e t so klein, dab sie(More)
Die \ u fiir gel6stes U r a n s c h w a n k e n in den e inze lnen M o n a t e n n u r wenig, der M i n i m n m s w e r t war 0,42 l• tier M a x i m a l w e r t 0,92 ~g/Li ter . Stl irker s ind die S c h w a n k u n g e n des an den Schweb g e b u n d e n e n Urans , die W e r t e l iegen zwischen 0,05 u n d 0,95 [xg/Liter. Sic folgen den S c h w a n k u n(More)
Co ~a y r ays to a dose of 50 Mrad a t ~.5 lWrad/hr. I s o t h e r m a l annea l ing r u n s were m a d e in air, and t he d a m a g e oxidiz ing f r a g m e n t s (bromite, hypob romi t e , etc.) were de t e rmi ned as t h e difference be tween t h e to ta l n o n b r o m a t e b r o m i n e and t h e bromide b y mic ropo ten t iome t r i c t i t r a t i(More)