Max Wunderlich

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We examined age-related changes in endurance performance of marathon and half-marathon finishers. A total of 405 515 running times were separated into groups based on age, sex, and distance. After exclusion of repetitive running times, 300 757 runners were analyzed by ANOVA (factors: age, sex). For each age group (six decades, 20-79 years), mean running(More)
Rescue activities frequently require not only substantial and sustained hand-grip forces but also a subtle coordination of hand and finger muscles, e.g. when manipulating injection syringes after manual stretcher carriage. We investigated the recovery kinetics of manual coordination and muscle strength after exhausting stretcher carriage (4.5 km/h, load at(More)
Low back pain is regarded as the primary cause of occupational disability in many countries worldwide. However, there is a lack of valid assessment of kinematic spine and trunk parameters to provide further insight into occupational spine loads. A new 3-dimensional mobile measurement system (3D-SpineMoveGuard) was developed and evaluated by means of(More)
Neck and low back pain causes highest disability rates in industrialized countries. Apart from blue-collar occupations dentists and dental care personnel are also strongly affected by work related back pain. However, due to missing analysing systems spine exposure could not be adequately estimated for sitting and non load bearing tasks. Therefore, a new(More)
Memorising and processing faces is a short-term memory dependent task of utmost importance in the security domain, in which constant and high performance is a must. Especially in access or passport control-related tasks, the timely identification of performance decrements is essential, margins of error are narrow and inadequate performance may have grave(More)
In modern armed forces the technical progress of the last decades has enhanced numerous different capabilities of soldiers. Despite new and efficient technologies individual physical and mental abilities are still essential and often the limiting factors for many military tasks. For that reason some recent innovations led to unexpected new problems: Instead(More)
PURPOSE Persistent or newly-diagnosed fecal incontinence following surgical repair of rectal prolapse has been reported in up to 30% of all treated patients. This study tried to evaluate the role of sacral nerve modulation as a potential treatment for this problem. PATIENTS AND METHODS The medical records of 11 patients (all female; median age, 59 years)(More)
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