Max Wikström

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OBJECTIVE We here determine the role of IgM antibodies against phosphorylcholine (anti-PC) in prediction of cardiovascular disease (CVD) and on macrophage uptake of Oxidized LDL (OxLDL). METHODS From a screening of 4232 subjects, 60-year-old (2039 men and 2193 women), 211 incident cases of CVD (myocardial infarction, ischemic stroke, or hospitalized(More)
BACKGROUND Natural antibodies specific for phosphorylcholine (anti-PC) have been implicated as protective factors in atherosclerosis. We herein determined the relationship between IgM anti-PC and incidence of cardiovascular disease (CVD). METHODS We studied 349 incident cases (200 men) of first events of CVD (coronary heart disease (CHD; n=203 or ischemic(More)
OBJECTIVE Phosphorylcholine (PC) is one important epitope on oxidized low-density lipoprotein that may play an important role by contributing to the atherogenicity of oxidized low-density lipoprotein. IgM antibodies against PC (anti-PC) are present ubiquitously in the population as natural antibodies. We here determine the association between anti-PC and(More)
In order to clarify abnormal findings at abdominal ultrasound (suspicion of late abscess subsequent to appendectomy) in a young male patient with known familial Mediterranean fever (FMF), a helical CT examination of the abdomen was performed. At CT, extensive serositis of the lower abdomen was detected. Findings at CT were verified 2 weeks later at(More)
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