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An experiment is reported which evaluated performance on a 10-sec unfilled time interval estimation task before, during, and after physical work on a cycle ergometer at relative intensities of 30 and 60% VO2max. Results from eleven healthy male subjects revealed a significant increase in time estimation variability and a decrease in the mean estimated time(More)
The prediction emanating from memory drum theory (Henry & Rogers, 1960') that simple reaction time (SRT) increases as a response becomes more complex (i.e., increases in number of movement parts) was investigated. Experiments 1 (N = 20) and 3 (N = 16) indicated that SRT was longer for responses consisting of two and three parts than it was for a one-part(More)
BACKGROUND Single embryo transfer (particularly of a top quality embryo) is an excellent model to correlate embryo quality in terms of morphological criteria to early pregnancy. We investigated whether this model could provide us with more information on what happens after implantation in the first trimester of pregnancy. METHODS The outcome of 370(More)
This study examined the physiological and subjective responses of nine healthy men who performed work while wearing two types of protective ensembles in each of three thermal environments. The subjects, all experienced with the use of protective ensembles, each performed low intensity treadmill exercise (23% of VO2 max while not wearing a Self-Contained(More)
On separate days, 6 highly trained participants performed psychomotor tests while breathing for 60 min 3 carbon dioxide (CO(2)) mixtures (room air, 3% CO(2), or 4% CO(2)) prior to, between, and following two 15-min treadmill exercise bouts (70% VO(2)(max)). Each individual was extensively practiced (at least 4 days) before testing began, and both gas(More)
AIM To assess the accuracy of static computer-guided implant placement. MATERIAL AND METHODS Electronic and manual literature searches were conducted to collect information on the accuracy of static computer-guided implant placement and meta-regression analyses were performed to summarize and analyse the overall accuracy. The latter included a search for(More)
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