Max V. Mathews

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One of the oldest questions in experimental psychology concerns perception of simultaneous events, particularly when input arrives through different sensory channels (sight / sound or touch / sound). How far apart in time must two events be to be perceived as sequential? This paper reports preliminary data from a cross-modal simultaneity task designed for(More)
Active force-feedback holds the potential for precise and rapid controls. A high performance device can be built from a surplus disk drive and controlled from an inexpensive microcontroller. Our new design,The Plank has only one axis of force-feedback with limited range of motion. It is being used to explore methods of feeling and directly manipulating(More)
Techniques for synthesizing two pole filters are well known. A number of techniques introduce unpleasant sounding transients in the filter response when the frequency or damping of the filter is rapidly changed. We will demonstrate a difference equation for a digital filter in which both the frequency and the damping can be changed without producing(More)
We studied listeners' intonation sensitivity to traditional (major and minor) and nontraditional chords. The nontraditional chords have frequency ratios of 3:5:7 and 5:7:9 and, like the major chord, have coincident upper partials and unambiguous fundamental basses. The center tone only of each of these four triads was varied from its just (integer ratio)(More)
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