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Effect of width on the stress-induced bending of micromachined bilayer cantilevers
In this paper, the effect of cantilever width is demonstrated on the stress-induced bending of micromachined bilayer cantilevers. In previous literature, the bilayer cantilever has been modeled as aExpand
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A new residual stress measurement method using ultra-wide micromachined bilayer cantilevers
A new method is proposed to improve thin-film stress measurement using micromachined bilayer cantilevers. Our previous studies demonstrated that the width does affect the bilayer cantileverExpand
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A rolling locomotion method for untethered magnetic microrobots
It is a challenge to achieve free and efficient motion of microrobots on arbitrary surfaces. We report a rolling locomotion method for a magnetic microrobot with a rectangular body ( 300 × 200 × 50 μExpand
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Development of rolling magnetic microrobots
This paper reports magnetic microrobots with rolling capability. A magnetic object subjected to an externally rotating magnetic field would be rotated due to the tendency of alignment between itsExpand
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Strengthening for sc-Si Solar Cells by Surface Modification With Nanowires
Bending strength of single-crystalline silicon (sc-Si) substrates enhanced by forming silicon nanowires (SiNWs) on the surfaces has been investigated for the application of sc-Si solar cells. AsExpand
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Visible-absorption spectroscopy as a biomarker to predict treatment response and prognosis of surgically resected esophageal cancer
The application of optical absorption spectra in prognostic prediction has hardly been investigated. We developed and evaluated a novel two dimensional absorption spectrum measurement system (TDAS)Expand
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Effect of machining parameters on surface textures in EDM of Fe-Mn-Al alloy
In this work, the surface characteristics caused by EDM were analyzed by means of the atomic force microscopy (AFM) technique. An empirical model of Fe-Mn-Al alloy was proposed based on theExpand
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Extending displacements of comb drive actuators by adding secondary comb electrodes
A method for extending displacements of comb drive actuators has been demonstrated in this paper. Differing from other methods which modify the shape of suspension to shift the maximum of the lateralExpand
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All reflective optical delay line for real-time optical coherence tomography
One of the most interested aspects in the development of optical coherence tomography (OCT) is to construct a stable and easy fabricated optical delay line that can perform real-time imaging forExpand
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