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Nitric oxide (NO) was produced from sodium nitroprusside in the presence of vascular tissue but was not released spontaneously from the nitroprusside anion. In the absence of tissue in the dark nitroprusside did not release NO. When solutions of nitroprusside alone were irradiated with visible light, nitric oxide was released at rates linearly proportional(More)
Propofol is a potent lipophilic anesthetic that was initially formulated in Cremophor El for human use. Because of the occurrence of Cremophor EL anaphylaxis and improvements in the quality of lipid emulsions, it was ultimately brought to market as 1% propofol formulated in 10% soybean oil emulsion. Emulsions represent complex formulation compositions whose(More)
The hypothesis that the reduced spectral halothane-cytochrome P450 complex formed in rat hepatic microsomes is a stable cytochrome P450 specific species was examined. Comparisons of the cytochrome P450 inducers, phenobarbital (PB), pregnenolone-16 alpha-carbonitrile (PCN) and beta-naphthoflavone (beta-NF) showed that PB was the most effective inducer of the(More)
BACKGROUND Sodium metabisulfite is added to a commercial propofol emulsion as an antimicrobial agent. The sulfite ion (SO3(-2)) is capable of undergoing a number of reactions, including autooxidation and the promotion of lipid peroxidation. This study evaluated sulfite reactivity in propofol emulsions by determining thiobarbituric acid reacting substances(More)
Negative priming, the increase in response time and/or errors to targets previously encountered as distractors, is explained by inhibitory mechanisms that block the access of distractor representations to response systems. The processing of unfamiliar human faces was investigated using negative priming. Observers viewed a row of faces to decide whether 2(More)
The life cycle of the lamprey includes a larval stage that can last for several years. The motor behavior of the larval lamprey, the ammocoete, has been only minimally studied and little is known of the neural correlates of that behavior. Comparison of known larval behavior to that of adults leaves unclear whether there are large or small changes in the(More)
We report here that following partial spinal transections in adult lampreys, the fibers of the spinal cords can regenerate and restore some intersegmental coordination to the central pattern generator for locomotion, as tested in the isolated cord preparation. However, the regeneration by this test is not successful in all animals.
UNLABELLED We have demonstrated that large-dose IV melatonin can exert hypnotic effects similar to those caused by thiopental and propofol. In this study, we compared the electroencephalographic (EEG) effects of melatonin with those of thiopental and propofol. Sprague-Dawley rats were assigned to receive equipotent bolus doses of thiopental (23.8 mg/kg),(More)
Lidocaine and MgSO4 are often coadministered to patients with pregnancy-induced hypertension. This study examined whether MgSO4 alters the lidocaine-seizure threshold in the rat and, if so, whether systemic MgSO4 administration is as effective as intracerebroventricular MgSO4 infusion. In Experiment 1, rats were administered 50% MgSO4 or 0.9% NaCl(More)
The effects of propofol on cytochrome P450 activity in rat hepatic microsomes were evaluated to determine the potential influence of this anesthetic on the metabolism of coadministered agents. In microsomes from untreated and isoniazid-treated rats, propofol was a weak inhibitor of enflurane metabolism, inhibiting activity only at 0.35 mM propofol. In(More)