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Four component lines of a commercial broiler stock were analyzed by restriction fragment length polymorphism (RFLP) analysis, for the presence of endogenous avian leukosis virus loci. The resulting RFLP patterns of endogenous virus (ev) loci for the four strains were further characterized in terms of number of loci per animal and frequency. Loci were also(More)
Provirus ev21 was found in both K- and k(+)-feathering Rhode Island Red commercial layers. Probe EV21-int revealed the presence of two distinct but similar regions, US (unoccupied site) and OS (occupied site). Restriction analysis showed that these regions had at least 19 kb structural homology but were distinguishable by ev21 proviral sequences, OS, and(More)
Many organisms can regenerate their bodies, but it is currently unclear how they accomplish this feat. In this paper, we introduce a cell-to-cell communication mechanism that allows a 3D arrangement of cells to discover its structure and maintain it in the light of random cell death, even at very high death rates. We report results from simulations of an(More)
The Upper Wide Angle Viewing System (UWAVS) will be installed on five upper ports of ITER. This paper shows major requirements, gives an overview of the preliminary design with reasons for some design choices, examines self-emitted IR light from UWAVS optics and its effect on accuracy, and shows calculations of signal-to-noise ratios for the two-color(More)
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