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An average size chromomere of the polytene X chromosome of Drosophila melanogaster contains enough DNA in each haploid equivalent strand to code for 30 genes, each 1,000 nucleotides long. We have attempted to learn about the organization of chromosomes by asking how many functional units can be localized within a chromomere. This was done by 1) recovery of(More)
Aspects of the developmental genetics of lethal and semi-lethal mutants representing 13 complementation groups (cistrons) in the 3A-3C region of the X chromosome of Drosophila melanogaster are given. Each of these cistrons is associated with a particular chromomere in the salivary gland chromosome. Mutants within each cistron have similar lethality patterns(More)
The present study developed a fast MEG source imaging technique based on Fast Vector-based Spatio-Temporal Analysis using a L1-minimum-norm (Fast-VESTAL) and then used the method to obtain the source amplitude images of resting-state magnetoencephalography (MEG) signals for different frequency bands. The Fast-VESTAL technique consists of two steps. First,(More)
MOTIVATION Plasmids are stably maintained extra-chromosomal genetic elements that replicate independently from the host cell's chromosomes. Although plasmids harbor biomedically important genes, (such as genes involved in virulence and antibiotics resistance), there is a shortage of specialized software tools for extracting and assembling plasmid data from(More)
An explanation for the origins of four classes of regularly occurring duplication and deficiency chromosomes is provided through examination of their molecular structures. The duplications and deficiencies occur as the reciprocal products of crossing-over, following two different patterns of asymmetrical synapsis between transposons positioned in and(More)
The recent breakthroughs in assembling long error-prone reads were based on the overlap-layout-consensus (OLC) approach and did not utilize the strengths of the alternative de Bruijn graph approach to genome assembly. Moreover, these studies often assume that applications of the de Bruijn graph approach are limited to short and accurate reads and that the(More)
The cytology and developmental attributes of 18 deficiency mutations in the 3A1-3C6 region of the salivary gland X chromosome of Drosophila melanogaster have been investigated. The cytological limits of several older deficiencies have been revised and clarified and several new deficiencies are characterized. The deficiency mutants, withone possible(More)
English sole (Parophyrs vetulus) in Puget Sound, Washington, USA are at risk of hepatocarcinogenesis specifically in areas adjacent to polluting industrial effluents. A question concerning population and ecosystem survival is whether any of the effects of etiopathologic change are reversible. This has been approached by looking for evidence of tumor(More)
<lb>The main objective of the thesis was to investigate the catalytic performance of stable, active and<lb>selective catalytic systems for ethanol steam reforming, ethanol partial oxidation and the combined<lb>auto-thermal reforming of ethanol. Two main formulations Ir/CeO2 and Rh/CeO2 were selected to i)<lb>investigate surface reaction of adsorbed ethanol(More)
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