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PURPOSE Due to the increasing complexity of the surgical working environment, increasingly technical solutions must be found to help relieve the surgeon. This objective is supported by a structured storage concept for all relevant device data. METHODS In this work, we present a concept and prototype development of a storage system to address(More)
The number of devices within an operating room (OR) increases continuously as well as the complexity of the complete system. One key enabler to handle the complexity is an interoperable and vendor independent system of networked medical devices. To build up such an interoperable system we use the proposed IEEE 11073 SDC standards (IEEE P11073-10207, -20701,(More)
The establishment of modern workflow management technologies requires the integration of dated devices. The extraction of the essential device data and usage time spans is a central requirement for an integrated OR environment. Therefore, methods are required that extract such information from the output provided by older generation devices, namely video(More)
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