Max Rios-Gutierrez

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This paper is about mechanical vibration absorption in a cantilever beam. This is accomplished by an active control scheme. The experimental set up consists of an aluminum cantilever beam clamped to an electrodynamical shaker. In that the main actuator is a piezoelectric patch and the feedback signal is obtained with a small piezoelectric accelerometer. For(More)
This paper is about a mechanical system with a mechanical system coupled with two passive vibration absorbers, one mass-spring type and one cantilever beam type. The overall system is made active with the addition of an external control force, then the Position Feedback control to improve its robustness properties with respect to frequency variations or(More)
This paper addresses the suppression of mechanical vibrations in a building-like mechanical structure. The suppression is achieved by the application of a piezoelectric patch actuator on the base of the mechanical structure. The overall system is modeled using finite element analysis and validated using experimental modal analysis techniques. The control(More)
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