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The Steiner Tree Problem is a challenging NP-hard problem. Many hard instances of this problem are publicly available, that are still unsolved by state-of-the-art branch-and-cut codes. A typical strategy to attack these instances is to enrich the polyhedral description of the problem, and/or to implement more and more sophisticated separation procedures and(More)
[2] J. Modersitzki. Polynomiale Iterationsverfahren zur Lösung indefiniter linearer Gleichungssysteme mit optimalen Iterierten und kurzer Rekursion. 2007 [3] J. Modersitzki. FLIRT with rigidity – image registration with a local non-rigidity penalty. IJCV, pages 1–18, 2007. Accepted. [full paper, BiBT E X-entry, Abstract] [4] E. Haber and J. Modersitzki.(More)
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