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The Steiner Tree Problem is a challenging NP-hard problem. Many hard instances of this problem are publicly available, that are still unsolved by state-of-the-art branch-and-cut codes. A typical strategy to attack these instances is to enrich the polyhedral description of the problem, and/or to implement more and more sophisticated separation procedures and(More)
This paper deals with a new heuristic for the Steiner tree problem (STP) in graphs which aims for the efficient construction of approximate solutions in very large graphs. The algorithm is based on a partitioning approach in which instances are divided into several subinstances that are small enough to be solved to optimality. A heuristic solution of the(More)
1. Introduction. Metacomputing as defined by Larry Smarr [13] has been implemented in many projects among which GLOBUS is the most widely developed one [2]. Experiments with large configurations have however shown that the latency of wide area networks is prohibitively high and that substantial bandwidth can hardly be achieved [10]. From that some people(More)
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