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Many studies have suggested that the motor system is organized in a hierarchical fashion, around the prototypical end location associated with using objects. However, most studies supporting the hierarchical view have used well-known actions and objects that are highly over-learned. Accordingly, at present it is unclear if the hierarchical principle applies(More)
This paper describes lex4all, an open-source PC application for the generation and evaluation of pronunciation lexicons in any language. With just a few minutes of recorded audio and no expert knowledge of linguistics or speech technology, individuals or organizations seeking to create speech-driven applications in low-resource languages can build lexicons(More)
Nine-month-olds start to perform sequential actions. Yet, it remains largely unknown how they acquire and control such actions. We studied infants' sequential-action control by employing a novel gaze-contingent eye tracking paradigm. Infants experienced occulo-motor action sequences comprising two elementary actions. To contrast chaining, concurrent and(More)
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