Max Meier

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In this paper we present the table-based tangible interface application Xenakis which uses probability models in order to compose music in a way that can be strongly influenced by the user. Our musical sequencing application is based on a framework for tangible interfaces with an architecture that is strongly inspired by the model-view-controller pattern.(More)
Soft constraints are gaining popularity in diverse areas such as orchestration of Web services or optimization of scheduling decisions. However, current approaches to soft constraints preclude them from modelling certain decision problems with multiple preference criteria. We propose a new approach to soft constraints which allows a natural expression of(More)
In this paper we report on a public display where the audience is able to interact not only with visuals, but also with music. The interaction with music in a public setting involves some challenges, such as that passers-by as 'novice users' engage only momentarily with public displays and often don't have any musical knowledge. We present a system that(More)
'The Planets' combines a novel approach for algorithmic composition with new human-computer interaction paradigms and realistic painting techniques. The main inspiration for it was the composition 'The Planets' from Gustav Holst who portrayed each planet in our solar system with music. Our application allows to interactively compose music in real-time by(More)
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