Max Martone

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|W e report the results of some experimental outdoor eld trials which demonstrate the hardware feasibility of xed broadband wireless radio links with spectral eeciencies in excess of 50 bittseccHz in non line-of-sight environments with frequency selective m ultipath. Custom hardware has allowed data transmission in the range 60-200 Mbittsec occupying a(More)
On-board signal acquisition is a fundamental task for deep space missions when telecommand and/or ranging functions must be implemented Local oscillator frequency instabilities and Doppler contribution cause a frequency offset of the carrier at the receiver input. Two different strategies to allow carrier loop acquisition are reported and compared:(More)
AbstmctMulticarrier systems of the OFDM-type perform a frequency domain decomposition of a channel characterized by frequency selective distortion in a multitude of subchannels that are affected by frequency flat distortion. The distortion in each independent subchannel can then be compensated by simple gain and phase adjustements, somehow overcoming the(More)
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