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(a) 4 bit, 5.5% triangles (b) 5 bit, 16% triangles (c) 6 bit, 36% triangles (d) 16 bit, 100% triangles Figure 1: Our fast progressive streaming method completely avoids CPU-based decoding steps, making it very attractive in Web-based and mobile environments. The full range of LOD representations has been created within only 9 ms. Abstract Within this paper,(More)
Despite many advances in mesh compression methods within the past two decades, there is still no consensus about a standardized compact mesh encoding format for 3D Web applications. In order to facilitate the design of a future platform-independent solution, this paper investigates the crucial trade-off between compactness of the compressed representation(More)
A problem that still remains with today's technologies for 3D asset transmission is the lack of progressive streaming of all relevant mesh and texture data, with a minimal number of HTTP requests. Existing solutions, like glTF or X3DOM's geometry formats, either send all data within a single batch, or they introduce an unnecessary large number of requests.(More)
The visualization of massive 3D models is an intensively examined field of research. Due to their rapidly growing complexity of such models, visualisation them in real-time will never be possible through a higher speed of rasterization alone. Instead, a practical solution has to reduce the amount of data to be processed, using a fast visibility(More)
This paper presents an innovative model-driven architecture enabling 3D web-based design processes in the field of large complex building (LBC) projects, such as power plant construction. This work was motivated by proposing new ways of achieving 3D CAD tasks not only for highly complex and temporary organization in the design stages but also for the whole(More)
This paper presents the webVis/instant3DHub platform, which combines a novel Web-Components based framework and a <i>Visual Computing as a Service</i> infrastructure to deliver an interactive 3D data visualisation solution. The system focuses on minimising resource consumption, while maximising the end-user experience. It utilises an adaptive and automated(More)
Procalcitonin (PCT) has been shown to be of additional value in the work-up of a febrile patient. This study is the first to investigate the additional value of PCT in an Afro-Caribbean febrile population at the emergency department (ED) of a general hospital. Febrile patients were included at the ED. Prospective, blinded PCT measurements were performed in(More)
Until recently, a major drawback of declarative-3D approaches for the Web was the encoding of scene-graph-related structured data along with a text-based description of unstructured vertex data. Loading times were long, and 3D Web content wasn't available until the full page had completely loaded. To overcome this limitation requires external mesh data(More)
We present an approach to integrate multiple rendering back-ends under a common application layer for distributed systems. The primary goal was to find a practical and nonintrusive way to use potentially very different renderers in heterogeneous computing environments without impairing their strengths and without burdening the back-ends or the application(More)