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Epidural venography is a simple and effective technic in the diagnosis of herniated intervertebral discs. The procedure may be performed in the outpatient department using percutaneous transfemoral catheterization. Our experience in 87 cases suggests that epidural venography is superior to Pantopaque myelography at the L5-S1 level, comparable to, and in(More)
«As soon as I find a position in the philosophy of quantum mechanics, I lose momentum…» Anonymous joke 1. Is Quantum Mechanics connected with philosophical issues about dispositions? Given the controversial status of the various interpretations of non-relativistic quantum mechanics (QM for short), it may seem crazy to use the philosophy of quantum physics(More)
The key idea of the interventionist account of causation is that a variable A causes a variable B if and only if B would change if A were manipulated in the appropriate way. This paper raises two problems for Woodward's (2003) version of interventionism. The first is that the conditions it imposes are not sufficient for causation, because these conditions(More)
With the aim of giving a naturalistic foundation to the notion of mental representation, Fred Dretske (1981;1988) has put forward and developed the idea that the relation between a representation and its intentional content is grounded on an informational relation. In this explanatory model, mental representations are conceived of as states of organisms(More)