Max J Halhuber

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This review provides evidence that the bioengineering community needs to develop cost-effective, fully unobtrusive, truly ambulatory instrumentation for the surveillance of blood pressure and heart rate. With available instrumentation, we document a disease risk syndrome, circadian blood pressure overswinging (CHAT, short for circadian(More)
Circadiane Akrophasen — Gipfel der ungefähren 24-h-Periodik — von Blut- und Harnkortikosteroiden, Kalium im Harn, Körpertemperatur, Pulsrate und 2-min-Schätzung wurden mittels elektronischer Anpassung einer Kosinusfunktion vermöge der Methode der kleinsten Quadrate bestimmt. Solche Charakteristika circadianer Rhythmen empfehlen sich als Referenzstandarde(More)
BACKGROUND This article is a follow-up on a 1998 article in JADA. The blood pressure, or BP, of 23 of 24 normotensive patients was monitored at 15-minute intervals for a total of nine days, in three consecutive sessions of four, two and three days, respectively, separated by a few weeks. METHODS Twelve patients were reached by phone seven years after the(More)