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Malicious peripherals designed to attack their host computers are a growing problem. Inexpensive and powerful peripherals that attach to plug-and-play buses have made such attacks easy to mount. Making matters worse, commodity operating systems lack coherent defenses, and users are often unaware of the scope of the problem. We present Cinch, a pragmatic(More)
A manufacturer of custom hardware (ASICs) can undermine the intended execution of that hardware, high-assurance execution thus requires controlling the manufacturing chain. However, a trusted platform might be orders of magnitude worse in performance or price than an advanced, untrusted platform. This paper initiates exploration of an alternative: using(More)
Attacks on host computers by malicious peripherals are a growing problem; the inexorable advance of powerful, small, cheap peripherals, which attach to plug-and-play buses, has made such attacks easy to mount. At the same time, commodity operating systems lack systematic defenses. We present Cinch, a pragmatic response to this threat. Cinch transforms USB(More)
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