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Live attenuated viruses are among our most potent and effective vaccines. For human immunodeficiency virus, however, a live attenuated strain could present substantial safety concerns. We have used the live attenuated rubella vaccine strain RA27/3 as a vector to express SIV and HIV vaccine antigens because its safety and immunogenicity have been(More)
Live-attenuated rubella vaccine strain RA27/3 has been demonstrated to be safe and immunogenic in millions of children. The vaccine strain was used to insert SIV gag sequences and the resulting rubella vectors were tested in rhesus macaques alone and together with SIV gag DNA in different vaccine prime-boost combinations. We previously reported that such(More)
Infection with HIV or SIV often elicits a potent immune response to viral antigens. This includes T cells and antibodies specific for Gag and Env antigens. In contrast, when given as a vaccine, the same antigens have been weak immunogens, unable to elicit antibodies with comparable titer, durability, or neutralizing activity. We have used the live(More)
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