Max Haustein

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The Java programming language has a low-level concurrency model which is hard to use and does not blend well with inheritance. JAC is an extension of Java that introduces a higher level of concurrency, hiding threads and separating thread synchronization from application logic in a declarative fashion. The emphasis is on limiting the differences between(More)
Robustness tests were performed on a reversed-phase HPLC assay for triadimenol. Different experimental designs were compared. Two-level fractional factorial designs with different resolutions were used to study the influence of procedure-related factors. The factors chromatographic column manufacturer at four levels and instrument at three levels were(More)
Lipid metabolism is accompanied by the solubilization of lipid bilayer membranes by bile salts. We use Brownian dynamics simulations to study the solubilization of model membranes and vesicles by sodium cholate. The solubilization pathways of small and large vesicles are found to be different. Both results for small and large vesicles can be compared with(More)
Slag is often the only relic of early pyrometallurgical processes. In archaeological research information about the age of slag deposits is needed and diflicult to obtain with traditional methods. Thermoluminescence has a great potential in this field, because the smelting process leads to a well defined resetting of the 'Luminescence Clock'. Metallurgical(More)
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