Max H. M. Costa

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In this paper, we establish the capacity region of a class of deterministic interference channels with common information. For such a class of channels, each sender needs to transmit not only the private information but also certain common information to the corresponding receiver. Moreover, the channel outputs are deterministic with respect to given(More)
Adaptation to low oxygen tension (hypoxia) in cells and tissues leads to the transcriptional induction of a series of genes that participate in angiogenesis, iron metabolism, glucose metabolism, and cell proliferation/survival. The primary factor mediating this response is the hypoxia-inducible factor-1 (HIF-1), an oxygen-sensitive transcriptional(More)
The converse for the discrete memoryless multiple access channel is generalized and is used to derive strong hounds on the total capacity (sum of the rates of all the senders) of an m-user Gaussian multiple access channel in terms of the input covariance matrix. These hounds are used to show that the total capacity of the channel with feedback is less than(More)
Through mutational analysis in Drosopjila we have identified the gene multiple asters (mast), which encodes a new 165 kDa protein. mast mutant neuroblasts are highly polyploid and show severe mitotic abnormalities including the formation of mono- and multi-polar spindles organized by an irregular number of microtubule-organizing centres of abnormal size and(More)
The toxicity and carcinogenicity of hexavalent chromium (Cr) in animal and human models are reviewed. The focus of this review is not on the well-established fact that hexavalent Cr compounds of low and high water solubility can induce respiratory cancers, but rather this review addresses other types of cancers induced by exposure to hexavalent Cr(More)