Max Gluckman

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The analgesic potency of Wy-16,225 in rodents and primates is greater than morphine while antagonist potency is slightly less than that of nalorphine. The compound demonstrates properties unlike those of standard narcotic and narcotic antagonist agents and has a wide margin of safety. In dependence liability studies, Wy-16,225 neither acutely substitutes(More)
Many fruitless controversies about 'ritual' are based on the multivocality of the word. By recent work by Tinbergen in ethology confines the term to rigid, highly formalistic, exaggerated behavior by animals in situations of compromise formation, where the animal is moved by contrary impulses to action. Similarly, in psychoanalytic writings the word is(More)
Iprindole, a tricyclic indole antidepressant shares in common with imipramine-type antidepressants the ability to potentiate the central effects of amphetamine, and potentiate the peripheral effects of direct acting catecholamines. In contrast to imipramine-type compounds iprindole does not inhibit H3NE uptake centrally or peripherally, does not block the(More)
Pretreatment with AMPT at doses which markedly altered the self-injection or amphetamine did not affect the self-injection of apomorphine. These data support the idea that the self-injection of apomorphine is produced via the direct activation of dopamine receptors rather than by the release of either norepinephrine or dopamine.